How to prevent Coronavirus in your Salon?

Prevent Coronavirus in salon

According to WHO, more than 2,80,000 people are infected with the coronavirus in 186 countries & territories. Around 11,800 corona infected patients have died. The majority of infected people are from China but it has started spreading globally. China has 81,008 total of coronavirus infected cases with more than 3,250 deaths. Italy reported more than 4000 deaths from 47,000 cases. The other countries with significant deaths are Iran and Spain with death cases of 1,556 and 1,326 respectively. India has 275 coronavirus infected people with 5 deaths as of now as reported by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of India. All the above-mentioned data is updated till 21st march 2020. The government is taking preventive measures to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country and has quarantined the infected people. Major government agencies have cancelled or postponed the major mass gathering events. Let’s discuss what preventive measures should the Beauty salons and Salon professionals take up to keep their salon Coronavirus-Free.

What is Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is a large group of viruses affecting animals. They have a genetic material surrounded by protein spikes. This shape resembles a crown and “corona” stands for “crown” in Latin. That’s how the virus got its name. The Coronavirus causes a disease named COVID-19 or Coronavirus disease discovered in 2019. The diseases are mainly 2 types- respiratory and gastrointestinal. Common cold and pneumonia are the basic diseases caused by coronavirus. Other severe diseases are SARS-COV and MERS-COV. The origin of this virus is said to be from Bats which transferred to humans. The virus travels into respiratory droplets and enters the body through nose, mouth or eyes. It then replicates in the respiratory system i.e. in the lungs and causes diseases like pneumonia, ARDS, etc.

The mortality rate of COVID-19 is 3.4%. The mortality rate is the percentage of people who die due to any particular disease. To compare, the mortality rate of the Ebola virus was around 50% and that of swine flu was 0.02%.

Preventive measures against the virus for Salons

Frequent washing of hands

washing hand for coronavirus

Coronavirus is large in size and it doesn’t settle in the air. It is grounded and not transmitted by air. If the virus lands on any metal surface, it stays for 12 hours. If you touch the infected material there’s a chance that you will get it through your mouth. So, make sure that all the Salon Staff members wash their hands frequently either with alcohol-based hand rub or with soap & water.

Disinfect door handles of your Salons

The door handles of your beauty Salon can get contaminated due coronavirus due to an infected person visiting the salon or maybe one of your staff members touched some infected surface outside the salon and then touched the door handle. So, it’s important to disinfect them. You can wipe them with a disinfectant or chlorine-based solution. Also, do this for your other frequently used surfaces like the reception desk.

Avoid touching your Eyes, Nose & Mouth

You might have touched a contaminated surface or an infected person. And if you touch your Eyes, Nose & mouth, you will get infected too. The virus will reach your respiratory tract through these via your hands. So, Avoid touching them.

Covering the mouth while sneezing

Protect others from coronavirus

Make sure all the salon staff covers their mouth and nose while sneezing with a tissue or with their bent elbow because the coronavirus spreads through droplets. Also, dispose of the tissues immediately.

Put sanitizers at the entry of the salon

Sanitizer at Salon entry for coronavirus

Tell your salon staff and clients to use the sanitizer when they enter the salon. Make sure these sanitizers are refilled when empty. By this, you will stop the virus from entering your salon.

Put face masks and Paper tissues in your salon

Put face masks and paper tissues at the main places in the salon like the reception so that your staff or clients can use them if they have running nose or cough as it will prevent the spread of the virus. The WHO has recommended that you don’t have to use the masks if you are healthy. Only use them if you are infected or when you are accompanying an infected person.

Display posters in your Salon for The Do’s & Don’ts

This is very necessary. People need to know the right Do’s and Don’ts to prevent the spreading of the virus. Also, post them on your communication channels like social media, etc. You can use the posters by the WHO or by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare like these posters.

Maintain social distance

Social distance in salon

Make sure you are at least a meter away from anyone who is sneezing or coughing as he may be affected by the coronavirus and you can get it too by the droplets.

Avoid Travelling to infected countries

Don’t travel to other countries if it’s not necessary. Also, tell your staff members not to visit the affected countries for the time being.

What to do if you see the symptoms?

The common symptoms include Fever, cough, and difficulty while breathing. Immediately visit the nearest hospital if you feel unwell or you have any of these symptoms. Wear a Mask and don’t make physical contact with people around you so that the virus doesn’t spread to them as well. The doctor will advise you for a test called PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) to investigate the infection. There’s currently no specific medication and the treatment is supportive care. There’s no vaccine of it as of now but you don’t have to worry much as more than 93,500 infected people have recovered from the disease. Spread the awareness in your locality too. so, that people get to know the right things they need to do and we can prevent the spreading of this virus. You can also Call at Ministry of Health, Govt. of India’s 24X7 control room number +91-11-2397 8046.

Myths about Coronavirus

Much false information is being shared on social media about coronavirus. letsryl requests you to not share any information which is not from authentic sources as it can mislead people. WHO shared the list of Myths that are mostly circulated on social media. The facts about the myths are as follows:

  • Cold weather doesn’t kill the Coronavirus .
  • A hot bath doesn’t prevent the Coronavirus.
  • The virus can’t be transmitted through Chinese goods.
  • Mosquito bites don’t cause the coronavirus.
  • Hand dryers don’t kill the coronavirus.
  • UV lamps shouldn’t be used to sterilize hands.
  • Don’t spray alcohol or chlorine all over your body. It won’t kill the virus already entered the body. They can only be used to disinfect surfaces.
  • Pneumonia vaccines can’t prevent coronavirus.
  • Rinsing of the nose with saline doesn’t prevent the coronavirus.
  • Eating garlic doesn’t help prevent the virus.
  • People of all ages can be affected by coronavirus instead of only older people and infants.
  • Antibiotics don’t work against coronavirus.

By following these simple preventive measures, you can prevent the spreading of coronavirus at least to your Salon. Also, Spread awareness in your locality about this. Also, check out our other blogs here to know more about boosting your Salon business.

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