Phone Screening tips for Hiring Salon Staff

Phone screening for salon staff

The whole world is affected by the coronavirus Pandemic. The Salon industry is also affected by this COVID-19. It’s the Salon owner’s responsibility to make sure the safety of the Salon staff and clients inside the Salon premises. Various steps to stop the spread of COVID-19 is discussed in our other blog here. The Ministry of Home Affairs allowed the Salons to open in green and orange zones from 4th of May 2020. So, it’s obvious that the salons will need to hire staff as there may be some changes in their staff due to the pandemic. Also, this COVID-19 will change the ways we used to approach the things until now. So, Phone screening will become a necessity for hiring salon staff. The foremost task of the salons is to ensure safety. They need to make sure that they don’t call too many candidates at once for the interview process.

The best way to hire salon staff at times like this is to screen out the applicants by using Phone screening or phone interview. Phone screening is an excellent way to quickly and efficiently shortlist qualified candidates to hire. They will then be invited for more detailed, in-person interviews/demo/trial. Let’s say you posted about your Salon staff requirements somewhere. The best way is to use an online platform like which allows you to hire the best salon staff hassle-free. After that let’s say you get 50 applicants who want to work in your salon. You then use Phone screening and ask some questions. You can screen out some of the candidates based on the answers given. This will allow you to interview only a few applicants. For example, you screened out 35 out of the 50 applicants. So you only need to call those 15 applicants to your salon for taking in-person interviews/demo/trial. This will help in lowering the risk of spreading of COVID-19 and will also save your time & efforts.

How to start Phone screening?

Questions to be asked for phone screening

As soon as the call is connected, make sure to ensure the applicant’s availability to talk. Then, you can start by introducing yourself and your Salon/company. Now, you can ask the applicants various questions to judge them. We have created a checklist of a few questions for you to begin with. It is as follows:

1. Basics about the applicant

  • Tell me about yourself? (Ask for their background)
  • When could you start working? Or can you start after/from a specific date/month? (Keep in mind the social situation)
  • Are you willing to relocate? (Make them clear if you are providing accommodation or not)

2. Their salary expectations

  • What is your salary expectations? Or what was your last salary?
  • Any other benefit you want? (e.g. Accommodation, food, incentives etc.)
  • Are you able to work for ₹xx, xxx/-? (Tell them the maximum Salary limit you’re offering)

3. The desire for the job

  • Why are you leaving your current Salon/Parlour and when are you leaving? (Listen to their reason carefully)
  • Why do you want to work in our salon/parlour? Or what attracts you to apply for the job in our Salon/Parlour? (Candidates with the intention of making money only may not match with your aspiration)
  • Describe your current job responsibilities? (Ask them about what they did in the previous job – this will help you know deeply about the work skills the candidates may have)
  • Ask for language known, soft skills etc. (it really matters)

4. Product knowledge

  • Which products you’ve used for hair/makeup/beauty/nail? (This may help you to get to know more about how good the applicant have Product’s knowledge. He/She should have the knowledge of products your salon accommodates)

5. Skillsets

  • Tell me about your work skills? (E.g. Hairstyling, airbrush makeup, full-body Waxing etc. or you can ask for specific skills)
  • Do you have the skills required for this job? (Tell them about your required skills)
  • What did you do during the employment gap? (Only if required to ask them. Employment gap can be referred to as the duration where the candidate didn’t work while switching their job. This will give you an idea about their hands-on experience. If someone did not work for a long time, they may lack hands-on practice)
  • Have you completed any course from the hair/makeup/beauty/nail academy? (To cross verify, you may ask them to share their certificate on mail/WhatsApp)
  • Any question you want me to answer? (The candidate may have questions in their mind that can impact the employment term and their selection)

How to judge the applicants?

judge the applicants

The first and foremost thing to look in the applicants is their communication skills and interpersonal skills. Salon industry works on fulfilling the customer’s needs which can only be done if their needs/queries are heard and understood followed by providing them with the best suitable service. So, your Salon staff needs to have very good communication skills and interpersonal skills. Select them even if they lack in some other aspects but have excellent communication skills. To learn more about the impact of communication skills check out this blog on how to increase Salon revenue. In addition to this, Check whether their answers to the above questions are satisfactory or not. Judge them on the basis of skills and experience they possess.

Skills you must look in the candidate

  • Good Communication & interpersonal skill that can handle clients.
  • ‘We’ as the team spirit that can work in your team culture.
  • Positive attitude.
  • Problem-solving.
  • Strong work ethics.

Candidates that you shouldn’t select

  • Poor communication skills.
  • Have Lack of enthusiasm.
  • ‘I’ spirit will be dangerous for your organization.
  • Didn’t answer your questions properly.
  • Sounding distracted during the phone interview.
  • Commenting negatively about the former employer.
  • Possessing only money-making intention.
  • Using bad language.

Ask yourself these questions before the call ends

  • Can the candidate do this job?
  • Is the candidate highly motivated to do this job?
  • Is the candidate a fit for your team culture?

If your mind answers positively to the above questions, you may fix a date for interview/demo or tell the candidate if he/she is not able to serve the specified job post. This method of phone screening can reduce your efforts and time of manually taking demo for a large number of applicants. Also, you are helping society by lowering the risk of COVID-19 spreading. Feel free to check out this blog to know more on how to hire best salon staff. Also, check out our other blog posts to boost your Salon business.

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