How to Manage your Salon Staff?

How to manage your salon staff

One of the essential tasks as a Salon owner or a Salon manager is to manage salon staff effectively. You are responsible for increasing your Salon growth, which majorly relies on the performance put up by your salon staff or employees. A survey conducted by the Phorest said that 48% of Salon owners feel it’s hard to manage Salon staff. First of all, you need to devise short term & long term goals for your Salon to boost its growth, then you need to convey those goals or ideas to your staff because they are the ones who will need to work on achieving those goals. Professionals in the beauty & Salon industry are generally creative, stubborn, and they love to be independent. Because of this, some of the corporate management rules don’t work in the salon industry. So, handling or managing your salon staff is quite a hectic task. In this competitive and fast-growing industry, you need to make sure that you have a rock-solid dedicated & passionate team to stand out. Let’s discuss some of the major things you need to learn to manage your salon staff.

Effective Communication

communication to manage salon staff

Communication is a huge part of beauty Salons. Your staffs- hairdressers, make-up artists, beauticians, etc. are always in constant chats with the clients fulfilling their needs. As I said, you need to devise short term and long term goals to increase your Salon revenue. Check out this blog to increase your Salon revenue. After setting the goals, you need to pass them to your staff. Give them clear roles and responsibilities. Make sure your staff’s goals align with your Salon goals. Their motive shouldn’t be just to carry out the tasks. It will only be boring for them. Give them ownership. Only then will they be able to work wholeheartedly. Also, you need to address your staff’s requirements and queries. Whether they are facing any problems or not. Ask them if they need any other stuff to carry out their duties effectively. Try to follow the informal approach as the salon industry is different from the corporate world. It should be cheerful and optimistic. Check out this blog to hire the best Salon staff hassle-free saving your time and money.

Manage conflicts rationally

Manage conflicts rationally with your salon staff

When people work together, there are chances that some disputes may arise amongst them with time. It’s just natural human behavior. The conflict may occur due to some misunderstandings between the staff or between you and a staff member. In these kinds of situations, you need to step up and resolve the conflict immediately. Lookup for the cause and quickly assess what needs to be done. Always act impartially and peacefully. You can’t take biased decisions at these times. It will only create a bad environment in the Salon and a lousy reputation about you. Think rationally and try to clear the misunderstandings peacefully. In some situations, you may ask your whole team about suggestions or opinions regarding the matter. It will also create a good impression about you amongst the salon staff, and you may end up finding the perfect solution for the conflict.

Talk individually with your staff

Individually talk

Apart from communicating with your staff as a team, it will be best if you also try to talk to them individually. It will strengthen your personal relationship with that member apart from the professional bonding. Ask them about any problems they are facing in their personal lives. Maybe your hairdresser is about to have a baby. So he needs to take care of him and couldn’t give much time to the Salon. Let’s say some staff member is having some transportation problem because she shifted her house due to which she arrives late. So, you need to help her out with transportation. Don’t just try to force the rules. It will help if you are equal parts friendly & strict. By gaining their trust, you can create excellent morale amongst the staff. Show them that you value them, and the best way is to address immediately any critical human resources issues. It will demonstrate your ability to solve problems quickly and reinforce your position as a leader.

Training & Mentoring

Train & mentor your salon staff

With being a Salon owner or manager, you are also a mentor to your salon staff. Every employee wants to grow more skills and be versatile in this competitive world. You need to help them improve their personal and professional skills. By doing this, you also inspire loyalty towards you. Make sure to provide training to your salon staff. It can be regarding the new trends in the industry. They need to learn about the latest products and techniques used in the industry. Try arranging some sessions or workshops for your salon staff with the leading instructors of the beauty industry. Invite a trainer to your Salon, who will teach new stuff to your salon staff. All employees are not the same in a salon in terms of skills. If you feel there’s a young hairdresser or beautician who is still not confident in his work, talk with them, and help them out. Teach your staff about selling tactics. Help them improve their interpersonal skills in addition to technical skills. By this, they can also sell your retail salon products, boosting your salon retail sales. Check out this blog to increase your salon retail sales.

Reward the performance

Reward your salon staff performance

Give away rewards to the best performing staff member of your Salon. It may be a verbal appreciation, or it can be a gift. Give away awards like “Best employee of the month.” However, the best way is to incentivize their performance. Give them some percentage commission on the monthly sales they achieve. Also, give incentives on the retail products sold by them. Make sure that the salary you are providing them is as per the industry norms. All of these make an impact on your salon staff in a positive way. Consequently, they will strive for better performance, increasing your overall salon revenue & Sales. Check out this post to learn more about how to increase your salon revenue/Sales.

Celebrate Success

celebrate success

Celebrating success with your salon staff creates a positive and cheerful environment. By celebrating success, I mean not only Salon’s success but also your staff member’s success. Simply, throw a party at some beautiful place. Treat them with a movie show or something like that. They need to feel that they account for the salon’s success too. It will also boost your team relations. There’s no need to stress a lot about team-building exercises. You can go on an outing with the staff. Go for lunch or dinner a few times a month. Having friendly gaming competitions amongst your team is also a good step. It boosts up peer motivation amongst your salon staff. Lift your Salon staff. Feature them on your social media channels and your Salon’s website. It will boost your salon staff motivation and you will be able to manage salon staff better.

So, basically, as a salon owner, you need to create an excellent cheerful environment in your Salon by practicing effective communication with the salon staff as a team and individually. Always resolve conflicts as soon as possible in an unbiased and rational way. Provide them education and reward them for the hard work. It would be best if you also try asking for their feedback as to what new changes should be done in the Salon to boost the growth. They will give their 100% only when they feel they are more than merely an employee in your Salon. Hence, you will find it easy to manage Salon staff. check out our other blogs here to know more about Salon business. Visit to hire dedicated staff hassle-free.

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