How to Increase Salon Retail Sales

Salon Retail product

Being a salon owner, you have to figure out every possible way to increase revenue generation. You may be using online bookings or social media promotions for your Salon. Or you must have devised subscription models & referral programs for boosting your salon revenue. Check this out to increase your Salon revenue. But have you ever thought of your Salon retail sales? How much of your total revenue share does your Salon retail sales account? It is the main mistake that most salon owners make.

Retail sale is one of the most crucial sources of salon revenue generation. According to Nailsmag, your salon retail sales profit margin can be easily 50%-60% depending on how you sell and price your retail products. It also helps in client retention ( to get you repeated clients) and building trust with your clients. Check this fantastic post to boost your Salon client retention rate.  Here, we will discuss the most important things you should consider to increase your retails. You can quickly boost your Salon retail sales by using these simple and effective strategies. So, let’s start with the important ones first.

Educate your Salon Staff about the Products

Educating Salon Staff

Your Clients Won’t buy the products on your own. You have to give them a reason to buy. Its where you need educated staff. Your staff attending the clients should possess complete knowledge about the products required for a particular service. They should be able to make well-educated recommendations to the clients to build trust. Moreover, Nothing motivates your staff more than education. So, Educate your Salon staff about your products.

Tell your staff to browse the websites of various eminent brands regularly and to study the latest trends in the Beauty & Salon industry. You can also invite some professionals from multiple brands to visit your Salon and take workshops to educate your salon staff. Visit Letsryl to hire dedicated staff. You need to watch out for your amateur staff Also. Try enrolling them in various courses. Only educated staff can provide better consultations to your client; hence, increasing Salon retail sales.

Provide Suggestions to clients- Build Trust

Consulting/ Suggesting salon Client

Selling Product starts from the moment the customer sits on the chair. Many salon professionals wait until the end to pitch for product sales, which is entirely wrong. The client is ready to leave once you provide the service and pithing for product sales at that time becomes awkward. So, start it from the beginning. Follow a consultation approach rather than a pure sales approach. Ask your clients what they need, what problems they face. Based on the answers, suggest some cool products which can help them. Provide the details. Refer them by telling them your experiences. like after coloring the hair, you can suggest to them a product saying, “Using this product for the next few weeks would make your color last longer.” Recommend them a personalized treatment plan If they have a specific ailment, etc. Be all ears and listen to their needs carefully. All these things build a relationship and trust with your clients. They are more likely to buy the products and revisit your Salon.

Set Timely Retail Goals

Set salon retail goals/Targets

You need to set Specific time-framed goals to achieve specific tasks in an organized and timely way. Set up a board or just a list where your staff can keep a record of their targets. Assign Specific weekly and monthly targets to your staff. For example, you can aim to sell at least one product unit to half of your clients per day. Keep track of your Previous month sales and set the bar higher for the next month. Form a creative way to organize all this. This task should Motivate your staff. Do watch out for the staff member providing less retail sales continuously. Talk with them and help them increase their retailing skills. Don’t forget to cheer them.

Reward your Salon Staff

Reward Salon Staff

Your staff is the Core of your Salon. They are the ones who run your Salon or beauty parlor. They cant provide a maximum output if they aren’t happy or motivated. You need to praise their efforts to get maximum output from them. So, the best way is to reward them. Provide them commissions, incentives, For example, 10% commission on a sale of 1000+ INR per week or something like that. You can opt for the more creative ways around creating fun Contests amongst your staff members and set prizes for the winners.- The Makeup artist that sells the most each week gets a free product of their choice or maybe some cash prize.

Optimize your Retail Display

Salon retail products Display

How do your Clients know that a product is available for purchase? Create an eye-catching retail display and show your products rather than just placing them on a corner shelf. Customers get attracted by The way products are displayed. You have to find a way to pull their eyes from their mobile screens to your products. There is an art of displaying products that invites curiosity. Let’s discuss some efficient tactics for this:

  • Place the retails on the right side because of the human tendency to head rightwards after entering a shop (as many are right-handers).
  • Retail Shelves should be clean and Organized. Clean them at least once a week- It looks unattractive and also that no one buys them.
  • Place products at eye level because it’s more comfortable for people to see them.
  • Use Contrasting wall colors. The wall behind shouldn’t be red-colored If you have red-colored products placed. Also, Put light-colored products at the top and dark ones below them.
  • Make sure your products are well lit. Lighting is crucial for clients to notice the products.
  • There should be fully occupied shelves. Empty ones are unattractive.
  • Try having your reception desk away from the front door. This forces walk-ins, and clients get to see your products before chatting with the receptionist.
  • Don’t worry If you have only one wall for retail display. You can make it stand out by using excellent art and color that compliments your products.

Discounts & Loyalty cards to Customers

Discounts to Salon customers

Persuade your clients by offering discounts on your products. Do this after the consultation or service provided. You cannot directly throw a pitch and offer them a discount. Offer them discounts on products which you talked with them throughout service. Even a small first time discount of 5%-10% can play a huge role. You can also Devise a retail reward scheme. Offer discounts or rewards after clients spend over a certain amount or if they purchase a certain quantity of products. Say if someone buys five shampoos a month, offer them one extra shampoo. Convince them with small free treatments. These ways, accompanied by a good relationship with the clients, can increase your salon retail sales significantly. 

Send Reminders

Send reminders to Salon clients

Its human tendency that customers will buy products from your Salon again if they previously bought from you. You can use this to increase your sales. Send them reminders about product refills. You can track your clients- In how many days will they need your service again or in how much time will their product finish. Send them Email reminders to revisit your Salon.

These few small things will help you increase your Salon retail sales significantly without costing you much. Consequently, Your overall Salon revenue gets boosted. So, buckle up and start right away. Visit Letsryl to hire Dedicated and professional staff. Also, get to know more about the business in the Beauty and Salon industry with Letsryl blogs.


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