How to get the best Raksha Bandhan Makeup look?

Best raksha bandhan makeup look

With the festivity of Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan around the corner, It is time again to don up for what is one of India’s special traditional festivals celebrating the bonds of brother and sister. Celebrated throughout the country, this marks the start of festival season for India. An intimate familial celebration, Rakhi comes with vows of protection, love, care, and joy, celebrating the love shared between a brother and a sister. It is but a day when Indian women and men embrace themselves within the touch of traditional dressing and celebrating accordingly.

It is the time to unwrap your lehengas and give a shake to your jhumkas as you prepare for Rakhi. letsryl brings to you a bunch of Raksha Bandhan makeup looks. And will spare you brooding over your makeup kits, at the same time, leave you looking fresh, beautiful, and glamorous for this daytime celebration.

Products you would need for Raksha Bandhan makeup look.

raksha bandhan makeup products

Remember, the main rituals are celebrated mainly during the daytime. You would definitely not want to overburden yourself with a heavy makeup look as that will leave you unsuited for the occasion. Very few products will see you through this. Your goal for Raksha Bandhan makeup should be to keep your look subtle with minimalistic use of makeup. Hence, it is effortless to create a Rakhi makeup look as you would need very few products, that too, without much expertise of your hands.

Here is the list of some products and their alternatives that must be in your haves. Even if you don’t, no worries, the less it is, the better!

  1. An exfoliating face wash.
  2. A primer and toner for base makeup. In case you don’t have them, a simple moisturizer will do.
  3. Sunscreen, a must. 
  4. Foundation for coverage.
  5. Concealer for your unevenness. Bright red lipstick with a generous amount of loose powder can be an alternative.
  6. Loose powder / Face powder/talcum powder for setting your makeup.
  7. An eyebrow kit. You can also use your eyeshadow palette or a brown eyeshadow for this purpose.
  8. An eye makeup kit. Remember, a kohl pencil or a kajal is a must-have. It is your savior!
  9. eyeshadow palette. If not a whole palette, a brown or black loose product will do.
  10. Contour kit or a brown lip shade.
  11. Blush – powdery or creamy. Alternative, red tint or lipstick.
  12. Highlighter / White eyeshadow.
  13. Lastly, a proper long-lasting lipstick, color, and texture of your choice to brighten that charming smile of yours!

Once you have gathered the above products or their alternatives, you are good to go for the Raksha bandhan makeup procedure. Let’s join hands together in making you feel good!

Overall Soft Glam Look

soft glam look for raksha bandhan makeup

The goal for this look is to keep it simple yet glamorous. This can be the best option for any festive daytime makeup. Since your traditional attire and heavy jewellery are doing half the things for you, makeup can be minimal. But remember, Minimal makeup doesn’t mean less makeup! This look will have a pink or peach undertone with equal concentration on all your features. Let’s see the steps:

1. Prep your face for a smoother base

This is a step that will act as a primary step for all your makeup looks. It is essential to prep your face using the right combination of primer, foundation, and concealer. It will help fix your makeup and give a hydrated appearance.

Follow these steps to give your skin a firm, smooth base before your Raksha Bandhan makeup application:  

  • Since we are not using any bright colors, keeping your skin looking the best is important. Exfoliate and clean your face properly before using any makeup. Prep the skin properly and do so with time in your hand. It will help your makeup last long. 
  • Follow up with proper sunscreen, primer to hold your makeup, and a good foundation that should match your skin tone. Blending correctly because you would not want your foundation to be looking cranky.
  • Leave out the contouring part. Let your face bear its original plumpness. 
  • Apply a generous amount of blush. Contour your cheeks with the blusher on the hollow, your nose, and your chin. 
  • You can use a highlighter on your collarbone and the high points of your nose, chin, the underside of the brow, and the forehead. 

2. create your eyes for a soft glam look

eyes for soft glam look
  • Use either kajal or eyeliner. While using eyeliner, don’t stretch it beyond your eye boundary. If you want a wing, keep it thin and minimum. If you want to use a kajal, draw a thin stroke on the lower waterline and leave it unblended. 
  • Apply a good voluminous mascara to make your eyes stand big. 

3. color your lips for a soft glam look

lips for soft glam look
  • For your lips, it is recommended not to use lipstick. Use pink, peach, pearl, or nude lip-gloss. Line it properly with a liner and blend in. Use two or three shades and contour your lip to give it the proper shape.
  • End with a few sprinklers of a setting spray.

Now, your raksha bandhan makeup is complete. Wear your dress coupled with a gorgeous pair of earrings. Apply your favourite perfume, open those waves on your hair, and there you are, ready to be the prettiest in the room!

Well, it’s not mandatory for you to prep up on a specific look. If you want to play with colors, there are other looks that you can create and will be equally suitable for your rakhi day look!

Try the other below mentioned options for your raksha bandhan makeup:

1. For a Sparkly or Smokey eye look:

smokey eyes for raksha bandhan makeup

We know very well that many of you just cannot keep your hand off your eye makeup. That is entirely understandable, and there is nothing we cannot do about it. Daytime makeup doesn’t mean that you cannot define your beautiful set of eyes and set them sparkling above all! If you want to try a different look, it will be great to focus on your eyes. With the correct usage of products and a proper procedure, you can comfortably wear your shimmery eye makeup. Let’s see the steps:

This can be a bold choice for a daytime occasion. Yet, bold colors can never go wrong! The vibrancy and sparkle are quick to attract attention and make your eyes beautifully defined.

  • Prep your eyes properly with primer, concealer and create a matter base with a brown eyeshadow.
  • You can choose the eyeshadow contrast by matching it with your dress, dupatta, or your bag. Pick vibrant shimmery colors like blue, green, or black if you want a smokey eye look. 
  • Apply kajal on your lower lids, and take the base eyeshadow. Then smudge and blend your kajal with the help of this eyeshadow.
  • You can go for a cut crease eye makeup. Apply concealer over the base shadow, and then go for the shimmery one.
  • Be very careful while applying the shimmer. Use a cotton pad around your eyes to prevent it from spreading or smearing. Keep only to the middle and contour the outer sides with the base color.
  • Finish up by a snatched wing black liner. You can extend the liner as much as you like. 
  • Apply a highlighter in the inner corners, spread some flecks of silver or gold accordingly.
  • Finish with mascara

2. For a subtler or transitional eye makeup

subtle eye makeup

A light eye makeup look is perfect for adding to the glam of the occasion. Remember that defining your eyes should include your eyebrows and the total eye area when you choose to express your eyes. It is mandatory to keep your lips nude or bare.

  • Once you have prepared your whole face, it is time to pay special attention to your eyes. Start by applying some moisturizer and primer to the upper lid and concealer for your dark circles. The concealer will smoothen your application. 
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes. You can shift to your brows in the meantime. Define and shape them properly with an eyebrow kit or an eyebrow pencil. Use concealer to shape the edges. 
  • Play with natural colors. Create a good base with peachy color and a transition of brown. Add a darker brown shade to the corners. Instead of adding a bold black liner, moisten your brush and dip it in a dark brown eyeshadow. Create a winged liner stroke. A brown Kajal is the best option for it. 
  • Border your down waterline with a brown or a white liner. Do Not go for black. Shade your downline with a brown eyeshadow. 
  • Separate your lashes and apply black mascara
  • Highlight the inner corners of your eyes, highlight the downside of your brows. 

3. Bolden the lips

Lips are but the most defining feature of your face. You can do minimum with your lips, yet they will stand out like nothing else. With simple eye makeup and minimal face makeup, lips can be your field of experiment. Choose any bold color that you like, or you can go for the softer yet glossier ones. 

Matte lips and glossy lips

Matte Finish

  • Matte finish is on-trend for quite some time. They help to make your lips look bigger and more defined. You can go for shades of Red, Lilac, Brown, or Pink for the bolder shades. 
  • Use a lip liner to properly contour your lips. The shade should be near to or lighter than your main lipstick shade. Draw an outline and smudge it on the inner sides and corners. 
  • You can go for an ombre lip by mixing two colors. Border and smudge with a darker tone like deep maroon and fill in with a lighter shade like pale brown. 
  • You can use either liquid lipstick or a lip crayon. However, liquid lipsticks can be challenging to apply and hold on to. So if you are a beginner, go for lipstick or a crayon. 

Glossy finish

  • For a glossy finish, you must choose a lighter shade. Peachy, pale pink, nude, or tame brown can be good options. 
  • You can also use your liner for the whole purpose, otherwise, line your lips boldly and fill in. 
  • You can also use matte lipstick first and then apply colorless gloss over it. 
  • Tinted gloss over exfoliated and moisturized lips suit the best. 


And voila! Your Raksha Bandhan makeup look is ready for an intimate familial function of love, sweetness, and joy. Be it the soft glam look for the dewy morning of Rakhi, or the bold smokey eyes and red lips look for the sibling’s dine out, follow our steps and get prepared to bring out the best within you. Hope your choice of color can add beauty to the heart of your loved ones. Letsryl wishes you a very happy raksha bandhan

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