How to Get Repeat Customers for your Salon

Being a Salon owner, you need to find which customers will help you in revenue generation. You are maybe putting a lot of effort into marketing and trying to please your customers with the excellent service out there. But still, you can’t generate enough revenue. The answer is simple- Focus on getting repeat customers. Repeat customers are the ones who visit you Salon for a 2nd or 3rd time, and so on. According to the Harvard Business Journal, getting a new customer is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining a new one. Repeat customers mean that they believe you and they will buy extra services at your Salon. They will refer their friends and family. So, by getting repeat customers, you will lower down your marketing costs and will increase your salon revenue. Look into our other blog to learn How to Increase Salon Revenue.  

All you need to learn now is how to get repeat customers. Below are some of the techniques which you can use and get repeat customers.

Build Strong Relationship

The first and most important thing is to build a strong relationship with your first-time customers. Be all ears and listen to your customer’s needs. Provide them a great consultation; this means to understand their needs and to suggest to them the best type of services suited for them. Example, the best makeup, the best hairstyle, or the best nail color they should use. Engage your customers in an honest and friendly manner. Body language is the key- make eye contact so that the customers remember this interaction with you. If you can leave a lasting impression, then the customers will surely revisit your Salon.

Comfortable Salon Environment

Your Salon should have a pleasant and welcoming environment. It should be hygienic. Make sure at least it’s convenient for your customers. Like having the desired temperature according to the season. They won’t come again if they find it uncomfortable. You can try welcoming your clients by offering some snacks or tea/Coffee. This type of salon environment will attract your clients, and you will get repeat customers for sure.

Encourage Pre-bookings

When you are finished providing the service to the clients, ask them about their next appointment or when will they need assistance again. Encourage them to Pre-book their next meeting. Tell them the discounts you will provide them if they book now. Make sure not to go for the Sales pitch. They will immediately deny the offer. Instead, try a more professional approach. It should sound like a bit of advice. For example, you can suggest to them that within some period they need to retake the service for effective results, instead of directly asking them to book. It will improve the number of repeat customers.

Start Customer Loyalty Program

Nowadays, Salons reward Frequent and repeat customers for showing their loyalty towards them. Customer Loyalty programs increase the revenue generation of salons. You should start a customer loyalty program. Offer them some free services after a particular number of visits. Provide them value-added services in addition to their primary appointment. Offer them some amount of discount if they revisit. These things build the relationship and trust amongst your clients. They will promote your Salon by referring their friends and family. So, you will also get new customers along with your repeat customers.

Provide Excellent Customer service

Apart from how you build a good relationship with your clients, Customer service is what’s valued the most. If you can’t provide the exact service which your client needs then, all the other efforts will go in vain. Do ensure to provide excellent customer service. Hire professional and Expert staff for your Salon. Your team should be dedicated, and they need to possess a passion for their work. Visit Letsryl to hire Dedicated Salon Staff in a hassle-free manner. If you can meet your client’s requirements and satisfy them then, half of the task is done. 

Personalized Reminders

Many clients tend to forget your Salon’s name, and instead of revisiting you, they go to other Salons. You can remind them to visit you by sending personalized E-Mails. Ask their Mail Id’s when they visit you for the first time. Send reminders about their particular services like tell them if it’s time for taking the hair cut. Inform them about the new trends and seasonal discounts ahead of festive seasons and occasions. Don’t send generic mails. They are likely to go straight to the spam folder. Add your customers name in the mail. Make sure to not pitch directly for the Sales. Instead, Follow the professional way and make it sound like an Advice.

You can also Take feedbacks from your customers and review the things which need to be improved or changed. These few strategies can improve your client retention rate. So, don’t wait more and start right away. Be ahead of your competition. Visit Letsryl to hire dedicated Salon Staff.

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