How to Hire Best Salon Staff

How to hire best salon staff

The Beauty & Wellness Industry in India is growing exponentially. It’s expected to reach $2.68 Billion by 2020, according to franchiseindia.
It’s also estimated that the salon business accounts for 31 % of the total beauty & wellness market. So, starting a Salon or expanding your already running Salon is quite an investment. And the main task is to Hire Best Salon Staff. So, Let’s talk about the biggest problems faced by the salon owners.

According to Phorest,

  • 48% of Salon owners find it challenging to Hire & Manage their Staff
  • 32% of Salon owners couldn’t find new clients
  • 20% said that client retention is the main problem.
What Salon owners find difficult?

Check out this fantastic post to increase Salon revenue by getting new clients. Here’s another blog that will help you to increase your client retention rate. You need to know that it’s actually the Salon staff that runs your Salon. They are your first revenue-generating sources. So, let’s talk about why it is so challenging to hire and manage Staff for your Salon.

Why Hiring and Managing Salon Staff is difficult?

Attrition rate in Salon.

1. High Attrition rate

The attrition rate is the percentage of your Salon Staff leaving your Salon. The annual Attrition rate is around 40%. This means almost half of your Salon staff will leave your Salon in a year. The reason could be anything- they are shifting to other salons due to pay & perks issue. They want to start their Salon as they have gained enough experience knowing the industry in & out.

2. Competitive market

Due to the robust competition in the Salon market, the other Salon owners will try to hire your expert and loyal Staff. They try to lure them by offering high salaries and incentives or by providing a better work environment. It’s evident because Everyone wants to beat their competition and consequently earn more.

3. Ineffective Promotions

Many Salon owners try promoting their brand and Ads of hiring Staff. Still, the problem is that those promotions don’t target the right audience, eventually leading to no or fewer walk-ins. It increases your spendings despite giving you enough output. Moreover, there’s a waste of time too.

4. Inability to choose the right Staff

As a Salon owner, the main task is to choose the right Staff for your Salon to which most of them fail. The main task is to evaluate them on their skillsets- Wheather they meet your desired requirements of Staff or not. Salon owners need to find passionate and dedicated staff who love their job, and at the same time, they should have effective communication and interpersonal skills to understand the client’s needs. This also helps in increasing your Salon Retail Sales. Check this blog to learn more on how to Increase Salon Retail Sales

The Solution?

The solution for hiring Salon Staff

First things first, you can’t do anything about the attrition rate. So, try providing them an excellent work environment. It would help if you had a plan to screen out and wisely choose the right candidates for your Staff. Apart from analyzing their skillset, check if they are passionate about their work. Choose people with a good work ethic and attitude over the others; they will be more loyal to you. Provide them an opportunity to learn more skills at your Salon. You may ask some professional trainers to visit occasionally and take workshops. Employees tend to stay at salons, where work-life balance is good. Employees with excellent interpersonal and communication skills are a blessing as they engage your customers more, which also increases your retail sales and client retention rate.

Nowadays, in this digitalized world, people prefer using digital platforms. So, try posting your job requirements on popular online hiring platforms that have a strong network of Employees. Make sure you advertise at the right place, which will lower your spendings & time for hiring Staff.

For this you can look up to– India’s #1 Salon job site for hiring best Salon Staff

What is

Hire Salon Staff with Letsryl is the only exclusive hiring platform purely dedicated to the Beauty & Salon industry. letsryl bridges the gap between Salon owners and job seekers. It has more than 3500 Jobseekers (which is increasing rapidly), and more than 550+ Salons registered forming a strong network. letsryl saves your headache of answering irritating questions asked on social media platforms (Facebook & WhatsApp).

  • Post as many jobs as you wish completely free. 
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  • No intermediary.

How does hiring through works?

Salon Staff Hiring through letsryl

Salon owners register themselves at letsryl and post jobs as per their requirements. These Job posts are notified to the candidates matching the required things as asked by the Salon owners. Interested candidates then directly call the salon owner. After this, the Salon owners can call them for an Interview or demo. Finally, you hire staff. The job posting is completely free at letsryl, and it will make your job reach out to more candidates.

Don’t waste more time and money on hiring salon staff. Visit now to hire hassle-free Salon staff. Also, check out our other blog posts to boost your Salon business.

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