How to find the best Salon jobs?

How to find best Salon jobs

According to franchiseindia, the beauty & wellness industry in India is expected to reach $2.68 Billion in 2020. It is growing exponentially. According to the study conducted by KPMG, the beauty and wellness industry in India is growing at a Compound annual growth rate of 18.6 %. Also, Employment in the Beauty sector is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 20%, with 23% in organized and 15% in unorganized segments. India will need 6 lakh more beauty & Salon professionals in the coming years leading to more job opportunities for the beauty professionals. Let’s discuss how to find the best salon jobs.

Why is it hard to find the best Salon jobs?

Problems in finding best salon jobs

It’s not easy to find the best salon job whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional looking to switch your job. If you are a fresher, you need to learn and hone new skills. The best practice is finding a job with a base salary instead of looking for a commission-based job. And after you get enough experience in your field, you can then switch to a commission-based job. The few problems due to which beauty & salon professionals find it challenging to find salon jobs are as follows:

1. Traditional hiring approach

Even if we are living in the 21st century, but the hiring process of Salon Staff hasn’t changed much. Salon owners still use the traditional method by which they only hire beauty & Salon professionals within their references and networks. They only reach them through their connections. In this way, many fresher and non-native salon professionals are left without jobs. check this blog to hire best Salon staff.

2. High commissioned charged by consultancy firms

Nowadays, there are many consultancy firms and agents which help you find a salon job. But they charge you heavily. Most of the time the commissions charged are almost around 50% of the salary. Some Agents will ask you to deposit some considerable amount in advance and will also take a commission from your salary. This process of getting a salon job is quite unreliable and unefficient because you will not be able to earn much due to the high commission rates.

3. Illiteracy in the unorganized sector

The majority of professionals in the beauty and salon industry are from unorganized sectors. That means they are from villages, they don’t have fixed wages and employment terms. Apart from this, their literacy rate is quite low. The majority of jobseekers couldn’t understand the terms & culture of organized salons. Eventually, they are afraid to approach such salons.

4. Skillsets

The skillset of a beauty & salon professional plays a huge role in getting a job. The majority of salons prefer experienced professionals over the freshers. This way, it’s hard for freshers to find jobs. Moreover, many beauty professionals lack some skills as they don’t have training from organized academies. Because either they couldn’t afford them or they did not have much exposure to the new trends of the industry. 

5. Job Authenticity

The advent of social media has allowed salon owners to publish their adds and requirements of salon vacancies on social media. There are various groups and forums on social media like Facebook, where you can find job vacancies and other details. But the thing is that there’s no way to verify them and you can’t fully trust them. As a result, salon professionals couldn’t rely on social media.

What is the Solution?

Solution to find best salon jobs

Well, after looking at the above-cited problems, we can infer that beauty professionals need more reliable sources to search for beauty & salon jobs. There’s a need for a digital platform that can provide solutions for the problems discussed. The traditional hiring approach needs to be replaced by a new Digital approach which will save your time and efforts and will help you land the best job you deserve. One such platform is– India’s #1 Salon job portal dedicated to the beauty and salon industry. provides the solution to all the above problems. So, visit now and check it out.

What is

Find Salon jobs with is the one & only exclusive hiring platform purely dedicated to the Beauty & Salon industry. letsryl aims to bridge the gap between Salon owners and job seekers in the beauty & salon industry. It has more than 4100 Jobseekers (which is increasing rapidly), and more than 610 Salons registered forming a robust network. It’s approach is entirely digital, breaking off the traditional ways. The letsryl website saves your time & efforts and helps you find the best job you deserve according to your preferences. With, you can,

  • Save your money and earn more by reducing the payment of high commissions to agents and consultancy firms as is entirely free to use.
  • Save your precious time in making calls to agents or swiping through Facebook groups.
  • Find jobs according to your skill set- whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional; there’s a job for everyone.  
  • Find jobs according to your locality. It covers 10+ cities (it is expanding rapidly).
  • provides job authenticity as all the job posts are verified. So you can sit back and count on us.

How to use to find Best Salon jobs?

Verified Salon jobs at is very simple to use. All you need is to open your mobile browser and visit the Click here to visit the website. After that, click your desired profile. You will see a list of all the latest posted jobs of your chosen profile. Click on any job post to check the details. There’s also an option of applying filters where you can set your preferences like locality, salary, gender, etc. You will see only the jobs matching your preferences after using the filters. Once you check the job details and you are interested in it, then you can call the salon owner directly and get hired. You may be called up for an interview or demo by the respective salon owner as per their need. And that’s all- You just got the best job you deserve!

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