How to Find & Apply for Salon Jobs at

How to find salon jobs?

A study conducted by KPMG showed that employment in the beauty sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. The COVID 19 affected the salon industry hugely as the salons were closed for almost two months. Some salons were even closed for more than two months in some parts of India. Consequently, many salon professionals lost their jobs. As the industry is recovering now, more and more staff are required. All salons are looking to hire staff to boost their revenue. We will now guide you as to how to find & apply for salon jobs.

Where to find salon jobs?

It’s not easy to find good salon jobs because of various reasons like job authenticity, high commissions, skill sets, etc. We have discussed these issues which make it difficult to find salon jobs in our other blog. The best way to find salon jobs is through It’s an online job portal exclusively dedicated to the salon industry. This salon jobs portal connects salon professionals looking for jobs with Salon owners who want to hire staff for their salon. has a strong network consisting of more than 10,000 Salon professionals and 2000 Salons all over India.

Advantages of using to find salon jobs

  1. is free– Now, you do not have to pay huge money to agents and consultancy firms to find jobs.
  2. Only Verified Jobs available– The jobs posted on social media are not reliable. You spend a lot of time searching for jobs and calling many people, but all your efforts go in vain. You can save your time at as all the jobs are verified, and you can directly call the salon owner or HR manager.
  3. Get your preferred job– You can find jobs matching your preferences, be it salary, accommodation, incentives, etc. You can check all the details before applying for the job. You can also find jobs at premium salons and in your locality.

How to Apply for Salon jobs at

5 step simple process to apply for salon jobs

1. Visit

The first and foremost step is to visit Open a web browser on your mobile or computer and then type The homepage of will get open. You will see two options in front- “I WANT A JOB” and “POST A JOB” Click on “I WANT A JOB” This will take you to the Jobseeker Page where you can register yourself.

2. Register yourself as a JobSeeker.

Register to apply for salon jobs

Now, you can check all the features of by scrolling down. Click on the JOBSEEKER LOGIN tab located on the top right corner of the webpage. It will open the Login/Register Page. Click on REGISTER. The Jobseeker register page will get open. Here, you have to fill in your basic details like your Name, Your preferred job city, your mobile number, etc. After filling in the details, click on SEND OTP. Then, you will receive an OTP on your given mobile number. Enter that OTP and click Submit OTP. That’s all. Now you are registered on and can apply for jobs.

3. Browse through available jobs.

Check out latest salon jobs

After you get registered on, you will see the latest job openings. Click on the VIEW MORE JOBS button shown at the bottom. You will be able to browse jobs through various categories. The categories are listed below: Beautician jobs, Makeup Artist jobs, Unisex hairdresser jobs, Pedicurist and Manicurist jobs, Nail Artist jobs, Manager jobs, etc. You can also see various open Salon jobs available in popular cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and various other cities.

4. Check the job description.

Full Salon job description at

Click any job opening to see the full job description or details of the posted jobs. See whether the given details like salary, incentives, work skills, etc are matching your desired preferences. If the job details don’t complement your preferences, click on the OTHER category, and you will see the FILTERS option. Click on FILTERS and fill in your required details and apply filters. It will show you all the jobs which match your preferences.

5. Apply & Get hired

After you have selected the best job as per your requirements, Click the APPLY button and directly call the Salon owner or HR manager. You may discuss further details with the salon owner. They can ask you to appear for an interview or demo on a specific day. The hiring process is free for you. If in case someone asks you to pay them, immediately report it to the letsryl support team.


The people around the world have started to use more of a digital approach After the covid pandemic. Salons are adapting to covid-19 by using different methods. Also, Salon job seekers need a digital platform that can help them land their dream jobs efficiently, saving their time and money. comes to the rescue. Its simple job searching portal allows salon professionals to find jobs easily. All you have to do is register as a “Jobseeker,” and then you can search for all the open jobs. The No-Intermediary process allows you to apply for the job and directly get in touch with the Salons. Flaunt your professional skills at the demo/interview and get hired. Do check out our other blogs to know more about the salon industry.   

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