Career as a Pedicurist

Career Overview

Due to the advent of modernization and Beauty & wellness industry, grooming has become a major part of one’s life. Apart from hairstyling and facial Make-ups, Grooming includes few other activities too. Pedicure is one among them. The pedicure is basically the cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. The professional who performs this task or the pedicure is called as a Pedicurist. They ensure the beauty and hygiene of clients feet by doing foot massages with different techniques, and cleaning, shaping, policing of the toenails. Pedicurists work in Beauty Salons and Spas. They are also hired in health resorts. Pedicurists can work as freelancers and can open their own nail salons too.

What they actually do?

The work of a pedicurist consists of cleaning and polishing the toenails of clients and to provide them with foot massages. First and foremost task is to ask the client which nail treatment they want. The client’s feet are first soaked in warm water which makes it easier to remove calluses, dirt and dry skin. The feet are then rinsed and the curing process begins. The toenails are then shaped and clipped. Nail beds are oil massaged to loosen the cuticles, trimmers are used to cut the cuticles. After this, the final touch is given by polishing the nails which has to be done with extreme care . A toe separator is used to separate the toes and few layers of chemicals are applied before applying the final desired polish. Ultraviolet light or fan is used to dry the polish. Apart from treating toenails, pedicurists work also includes advising the clients regarding nails care and maintenance and also updating them with the current trends. They also had to ensure the proper hygiene and sterlizing the tools used.

Key Skills required

  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Awareness of cosmetic products.
  • Awareness of current trends.
  • Dexterity and creativity.
  • Artistic Flair.
  • Good business and customer service skills.

Growth in this Career

There are ample opportunities in this career and the room for growth is high. People are beauty conscious and grooming plays an important role in enhancing one’s personality. The feet health and beauty isn’t apart from grooming and demands proper care. That’s when Pedicurist is required. They work in a nail salon, spa or hair salon. Pedicurists are also self-employed where they take orders and visit the clients for rendering the required services.They get bulk orders for wedding projects. One can start their own business venture. Experienced Pedicurists can get opportunities in the film and fashion industry where they can grow exponentially.

Learning cost and Salary

One can enroll in a Pedicurist course in the local salons or institutes. The basic courses start from 2K INR (duration – 10-15 days) to 20K INR for complete diploma courses. Advanced courses at Premium institutes can cost up to 50K INR. Freshers can earn around 10K INR depending on the job location. Experienced  Pedicurists earns around 30K. There’s good earning in the wedding projects. One can earn quite a good amount of money in the film and fashion industry.

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