Career as a Hair Stylist

Career Overview

Due to the advent of modernization and the fashion industry, grooming has become a major part of one’s life. The hair stylist is a quality career in the fashion and film industry due to the requirements and demands for hairdressing. You can start your career as a Hair stylist and can become a senior hairdresser and eventually hair stylist director. They provide various services according to the requirements of the clients which includes Shampooing, coloring, cutting, massaging, etc.

What they actually do?

Basically, the hair stylists analyze the client’s facial features like face, head, etc and on the basis of it, they recommend the best Hairstyle that will suit the client. Then, they apply shampoo and hair conditioners on the client’s hair. A dryer is then used to dry the hair. after this, the hairs are trimmed, cut, colored, straightened, curled based on the Hair styles required by the clients. As a Hair stylist, you should be aware of trending hair styles because People demand new hair styles which are currently in trend.

Key Skills required

  • Expert in all types of hair styles
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Knowledge of hair trichology
  • Hair massaging techniques
  • Passion for learning new hair styles
  • creativity and innovation

Growth in this Career

There are ample opportunities in this career and the room for growth is high. Nowadays, people are concerned about their looks and they focus on enhancing their personality. There are weddings, parties, competitions and various functions for which people need to groom and look good. Consequently, Hair stylists are in high demand. One can work in a salon or can open their own business venture. There is a high demand in the Film, Fashion, Theatre and modeling industries for hair stylists.

Learning cost and Salary

One can enroll in a Hair stylist course in the local salons or institutes. The basic courses start from 3K INR (duration – 1.5-2 weeks) to 40K INR for certificate course at institutes. Premium coaching institutes charge around 2 lakhs for advanced courses. Freshers in this career earn 10-12K per month depending on the job location and work timings. hair stylists in the film industry earn up to 60K per month.

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