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By 2022, Indian Beauty & Salon segment needs 6 lakh more professionals, Are you ready to be a part of it?

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  • Search Jobs or find Staff for Beauty & Salons using letsryl Portfolio at letsryl.com. It helps you find the best jobs suiting professionals according to their experience.
  • Widen your horizons with letsryl blogs, get Knowledge & Career Guidance to enhance your skills.
  • Want to enroll in beauty or related Courses? but still confused about which academy to choose according to your budget, quality of training, reviews, career options, etc.No problem, We got you covered. Now, Shortlist academies and institutes based on your requirements.
  • Get in touch with industry experts and clear your doubts, create a network with like-minded professionals and increase your growth exponentially.

Consequently, what does your customer get…The Redefined Looks.


Be a part of the drive and let’s redefine your looks.