8 Reasons why choose Career in Beauty & Salon Industry.

Why to choose career in Beauty and salon

Beauty is an integral part of every human being, especially women. A woman can define the term beauty aptly. But a career in the beauty industry was inconceivable in the earlier days. But nowadays, the notion, outlook of the people got modified. The young generation has embraced it gracefully. Anyone can choose the beauty & salon industry as a career option. You only need to have passion and creative skills. Let us dig deeper and discuss the main reasons why to choose your career in the Beauty & Salon industry.

Why should you choose Beauty & Salon career over another industry?

1. The beauty & Salon industry is booming. 

Beauty industry is blooming

According to the report by NSDC, the estimated market size of the global beauty industry is around USD 1.4 trillion, and the industry is growing at a CAGR of 15%. The growth of the beauty industry in India is at a CAGR of 18.6%It also stated that employment in the beauty industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20%. It shows that the opportunities in this industry are growing with each passing year. The Lockdowns due to COVID-19 did affect the industry but, they recovered as soon as the markets open. The salon industry was quick to adapt to COVID-19. The salon owners were quick to opt for new operating methods as soon as they reopened their salons after the lockdown.

2. It Enhances your Creativity

Career in salon enhances your creativity

The beauty & Salon Industry is the place of creative people having an artistic bent of mind. As this industry is constantly evolving, creativity can be nurtured at its best along with satisfaction. It gives you immense pleasure after doing some makeovers or hairstyling. There are so many ways to show your creativity, be it hairstyles, makeups, nails, etc. Moreover, you can showcase your unique and creative work to the world through social media channels.

3. Beauty and Salon career has flexible working hours.

salon profession has flexible working hours

One of the significant reasons is flexibility. The salon profession gives flexibility in doing other things besides pursuing this. Not all salons demand 9-5 working hours. So, you can do other things as well. You are not bound to work all the time. You may have less work on weekdays and more work in the evenings or at weekends. So, You may accept appointments and bookings as per your choice. Also, after attending a salon, you can work as a freelancer in hotels or fitness hubs.

4. It connects you with people.

beauty profession increases your network

The beauty & salon profession allows you to work directly with people. This work demands good communication and interpersonal skills. It makes you more friendly and helps you in building a solid network. Throughout the day or within your working hours, you can meet different clients- be it people from different cultures and backgrounds or high profile clients like a government official, a lawyer, doctor, etc. Or you may get in touch with few celebrities. So the range is enormous. It helps you to build a strong network and makes a ground for you to approach if required.

5. Beauty & Salon career offer multiple opportunities.

beauty salon has multiple career opportunities

The best part of this industry is that you do not need to do the same work your whole life. You can try different roles from beauticians to hairstylists. You may opt for being a consultant. It is not a monotonous job as with distinct clients you may have to offer different services. You may be doing a haircut, and as soon as you finish, you may be required to do hairstyling for another client. This profession even offers you different workplaces. Pursuing a career in this industry, one can opt for working in salons, spas, beauty schools, and even work as a freelancer. The demand for beauty professionals has increased in other industries, like the fashion and film industries. Besides working in a salon, you can also make home visits after your working hours.

6. The beauty industry is recession-proof

Salon industry is recession proof

As this industry is surging and booming, there will never occur nosedive for work. There always exists an innate desire to make our appearance more attractive and pleasant. To accomplish this desire, we have to visit a beauty expert or a salon. A recession of work in this field isn’t encountered generally. Whatever the case may be, people will still want to groom and look good. There may be a case when the beauty & salon industry may encounter low growth, but it recovers quickly. For example, the salons were closed due to lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 affected the salon industry as salons were shut entirely. But, it started recovering after the lockdowns. In fact, the e-commerce sales of beauty products increased by 20-30%. The demand for beauty will never die.

7. It offers you good money.

Good money is offered in Salon profession

You will generally get paid low if you are a fresher, but as soon as you gain experience and specialize in your roles, your salary increases. Premium salons will offer you more money. They also provide bonuses and commissions if you increase their retail sales. If you are pretty good and can make it to the film industry like Bollywood, then you can earn loads of money. Celebrities pay significantly to their beauty consultants.

8. You can be your Boss.

You can open your own salon and be your boss

The best perks of working as a salon professional are that you can choose to be self-employed. If you have gained enough experience in the industry and how things work, you may leave your regular job and open your own salon business. Do the market research, specializing in a particular field, build your niche, and grow your salon revenue. By this, you are also creating job opportunities for other people as you will hire staff for your salon.

How to start a career in Beauty & Salon industry?

To start, decide on a role and do a course for it. The various roles in the beauty & salon industry consist of makeup artist, beautician, hairdresser, hairstylist, nail artist, pedicurist, manicurist, salon manager, etc. Complete a course and get certified in any domain which spikes your interest. Work as a fresher in salons where you could get to learn a lot and increase your skillset. Do Follow the big guns of the industry. Follow the trends to meet your client’s requirements. Moreover, you can join different communities and societies to get exposure.

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The beauty & salon industry is recession-proof and will keep growing. The demand for grooming is increasing, which makes the salon profession very lucrative. The Major reasons to choose a career in the beauty & salon industry are discussed above. The creative nature of the job, flexible working hours, social culture & multiple job opportunities offering pretty good money are the prime reasons. You can also opt for self-employment by starting your salon. You can start your career in beauty & salon industry by choosing a domain and then doing a course in that domain. Hone your skills and Find the best salon jobs at letsryl.com to kickstart your career.

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