6 great reasons why to become a Freelance/Home Beautician

reasons to become freelance home beautician

The pandemic crisis is rising, affecting the salon industry coupled with an enlarging scarcity of salon jobs and work. It may seem that all chances of having your dream job are slowly slipping away from your hands. With salons closed down and stagnancy in many sectors of the beauty industry, it must be disheartening to see many of your desired job supplies being cut out. However, suppose you have the skills, the knowledge, and the determination to pursue your dreams. In that case, no barrier is strong enough! The beauty and salon industry had to adapt to the change due to the Covid Pandemic. The beauty service sector is finding new ways of selling services. This alternate domain has taken up a door-to-door service provision system. If you cannot go to a salon, then a salon can come to your doorstep. Home Salon Services or freelance salon services are seeing a recent boom. Choosing to be a freelance beautician must be the right option to launch and create your career if you are keen enough! I have discussed below the reasons why you should choose to be a home or freelance beautician.

Why choose to be a Home Beautician?

why choose to be a home beautician

1. Demand for home beautician is increasing 

increased demand for freelance beautician

With increasing workload and time constraints, more and more people are looking for more minor time-consuming beauty services. They want to avoid the hassle of traveling to a salon, pushing the traffic. It is very uncomfortable to walk on the road after getting a manicure or be drenched in the rain just after a hair spa. Scheduling a salon appointment, adjusting work routine, and waiting in long queues for a threading or spa service can be both tiresome and time-consuming.

Moreover, it is more relaxing and enjoyable to have a salon service booked at home when in one’s place. Pre-party makeup, saree drapery, bridal makeup, and spa are some services that people will prefer to have done at home. A fresh bride would not want to commute to a salon for her special day makeup but instead want it available right at her place. All these and more reasons are increasing the demands for home beauticians. If you are skilled with one or two primary services, you will have no more minor work to do than any proper salon. Home services are high in demand and on the rise. 

2. A Necessity Post Covid Pandemic

Necessity for freelance beautician post covid

Covid Pandemic has harmed all business sectors, and the beauty industry is no exception. Though the recession has been minimal, salons had to remain closed down and non-functional for many months before reopening. Salons are one of the highest contamination zones and are prey to the fast-spreading pace of the virus. While the demand is still the same, the service or production has reduced. The only alternative to this situation is the provision of home salon services. Door-to-door beauty services have become a necessity due to the pandemic. Once properly vaccinated and equipped with all the sanitation facilities, you are all ready to be a home beautician. Remember to keep a hard copy of your vaccination certificate, wear proper masks, carry sanitizers and urge your customer to do the same. Make sure to follow all the precautions and guidelines as laid by the health ministry.

3. Home Beautician job is more Profitable

More Profitable than working at a regular salon job

While the initial cost of establishing your business may be high, don’t worry about the later part. You can fix rates as per your convenience and will. You will obviously be charging higher than regular salon rates because you are providing service at their doorsteps. Moreover, Salons tend to claim a share of the services that you provide for them. Still, when working independently as a freelance beautician, you get to hold the totality of your income as your own. If your service type is satisfactory, then do not hesitate to charge accordingly. Prepare your own rate charts, and you will end up earning more than a regular salon job could provide you, that too with lesser involvement.

Remember to offer good discounts and freebie services initially; this will help you boost your business. Moreover, suppose you are finding your jobs on your own, without working under any company. In that case, you can keep all the profit to yourself.

4. Freedom to choose your work schedule & timings

Flexible work timings for freelancers

When working as a freelance beautician, you are definitely your own boss! You can schedule your timing according to you and your customer’s availability. You have the liberty to work in your own fashion and style and have to listen to the dictates of none. Conduct a well-researched study beforehand. Then, choose the services you want to provide according to your expertise; no one can force you to do anything outside your comfort zone.  The Best thing is that you can work and take leave at your own will. Unlike in a salon, where you will be hired full time and work non-stop, this can act as your side gig or as a fraction of your hobby. You can learn and earn without investing the whole time.

5. Stronger social customer base

strong client list

You might worry about forming a clientele or finding connections to expand your business when working alone. Don’t worry; we will discuss about that too in our other blog. When you are working alone as a home beautician, chances are of making a better customer base than you can while working at a typical salon! A lot of your work will depend upon your behavior with clients and them liking you. Once you can elevate yourself up to the good look of a client, half of your customer search is done. They will not only patent you but also refer you to other friends and family. Customer can call over their friends or family members and have joint beauty or makeup sessions. This will help you to gain more customer recognition. Soon you will find yourself juggling between your works!

6. Immense scope for business growth & expansion

Once you start your own business and are well into it, you can very well think of branding it properly and recruiting one or two other beauticians. Visit letsryl.com to hire best salon staff. No business is without the scope of expansion, and neither is this one. You might well be under the view of some salons, and they might want to collaborate with you. When these are under control, your business will have many facets open.


The demand for home beauticians has increased post COVID Pandemic. People nowadays prefer to get salon services done at their doorstep. Being a home beautician will make you more profitable than working at a regular salon job. You will have the freedom to choose your work schedule & timings as you will be your own boss. Although you may struggle a little in starting to find clients, you will have a solid customer base after a few months. Word of mouth will help you get more clients as your existing clients will refer you if you satisfy them with your excellent services. Freelance beautician services have immense scope for business expansion.

Be a Home beautician & become an all-in-one salon yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of your customers through the tips of your crazy skills. Remember, there is no time for elaborate plans and doubts. Take the bold step today to make the start of what will become your salon dream tomorrow. 

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