5 great ways to find clients for Home Salon Services

Find clients for home salon services

As a Salon freelancer, it is unnecessary to put your time and work at some parlor or work under someone to progress. With the already existing time constraint in the professional world, coupled with the onset of a pandemic, salons faced a shortage in the visit of clients and customers. With salons closed, social distancing norms, and a deadly pandemic, the need for mental health and body care has increased manifolds. Due to such a situation, both clients and salon professionals are adapting. Hence, they are looking for an alternate serviceable solution to their beauty and career needs- Home salon services. You can make positive use of the situation and come forward to helping people in your unique way. Check out our other blog to know why to choose to be a freelancer in the salon industry.

What are Home Salon Services?

what are home salon services?

Salon services are finding a new dimension with each increasing day. Salon home services is a newly blooming Industry where instead of your troubling and going to your salon, it comes home to you. Most of the companies providing home salon services promise their customers a hygienic service experience in the safety of their homes. Home beauty and wellness services are now available at one’s doorstep just because of the opening and flourishing of this sector. All the services that beauticians or hairstylists can provide at a professional salon are provided within the comfort of the home by well equipped, trained freelance beauticians. Given its increasing market value and worth, many companies and individuals are inspired to take this as their business gig.

A home Salon Stylist provides services like Spa, Beauty Treatments, Facials, hair styling, manicure-pedicure, messaging, male grooming, bridal makeup packages, party makeup packages, saree draping and other minor jobs like threading, waxing and regular makeup look.

If you have read till here and are inspired to provide at-home salon services, then the next part might well be helpful for you. It might be challenging to understand where to start your business or get your first client when working as a freelancer. Don’t worry; we won’t leave you stranded without guiding you on securing jobs for yourself. Letsryl.com has brought you all the detailed information

How to find clients for Home Salon Services?

1. Use Social Media Marketing

Do Social media marketing

Remember, social media is my friend, your friend, and everybody’s friend! Standing at a juncture like it, you cannot even think about going without social media marketing. Don’t worry; we won’t ask you to master it. You need to use your regular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp. 

The best way to find clients is through social media. Almost 4 billion people use social media. That means nearly half of the world is using social media. With a single post, you can reach out to thousands of users within few minutes. With just a story or post on social media, you can engage with your clients, inform them about updates or new launches of your services – that’s the power of social media. It’s the best tool to grow your business if used properly. Let’s talk about business now.

There are two ways to find clients through social media

  1. Organic Marketing
  2. Social Media advertising(Paid Ads)

1. Organic Marketing

Organic marketing

Organic clients are the clients which you acquire without actually paying them. That means it’s free. In this type of marketing, you create some value for the user by creating & posting quality content on your social media. The people or your targeted audience will follow you by seeing your posts. Once they come to your channel, they will know about the services you provide. Consequently, they approach you directly and buy your services. This approach takes time; you have to be patient and consistent in posting content.

2. Social Media Advertising(Paid Ads)

Social media advertising

Social media advertising– This is paid marketing. The aim is to create ads about your services and then run those ads on different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. These ads are highly target-specific- this means the ads reach only the interested users.

For example- if you run an ad about selling a cosmetic product, only people interested in buying cosmetics products will see that ad. Social media platforms have an excellent algorithm that allows you to choose the targeted audience- by age group, location, interests, etc. This approach is fast; it will get you, clients, quickly.

Both the types mentioned above are suitable and give results. The best marketing strategy is to combine and use both of them. But for starters, it’s suggested to start with organic marketing first. Then you can try social media advertising according to your budget. Or you can also do the paid advertisement if you have money.

2. Register yourself with any leading Home Salon Services Provider

I am sure we all have heard about UrbanClap at-home beauty services! Well, other numerous agencies allow you to start as an ‘at home beautician or hairstylist’. All you shall need is some documents certifying your services and the basic training to start it.

UrbanCompany ( formerly UrbanClap)

UrbanCompany hiring at letsryl for home salon services

UrbanCompany acts as an interface between customers and service providers where you can register yourself under your specified service. They will give you clients and take some commission from the fees paid to you by the clients. Letsryl has partnered with Urbancompany, and there are hundreds of salon vacancies open for salon professionals who want to provide at- home services. If you wish to apply and start working through UrbanCompany, register yourself by filling out our form. Click here to fill the form. After a few minor verifications of authenticity, you are ready to go!

There are other Multiple companies that hire and allow freelancers to sell their services online. They perform in the same way as UrbanCompany. Once you have registered yourself, you are free to communicate and decide on your customers and services. Some of them are :

3. Traditional Advertisements- Print advertisement

Do Traditional Advertisements

Traditional Advertising techniques can be side support to your Social Media marketing. One of the best ways to attract local people is through print advertisements. Try and find out different advertising mediums and sell your services there. To attract customer attention, you can share pamphlets and printed goodie bags promoting your brand name or advertise in your locality and nearby colonies.

4. Partner with a salon that provides home salon services

Partner with a salon to get clients for home salon services

Apart from these online servicing companies, you can also ship yourself to a nearby salon that has a scope for home services. If you are without any experience and want to learn first, then it is suggestive that you work with a salon. Many salons nowadays are opening the options of home service along with the regular parlour services. Search for salons nearby and start working in one. You might also want to approach salons that have not started with such services and provide them with this idea. Chances are they might want to have a go, and you might get employed too!

5. Make your Website

Make your website

If you have established yourself as a good home salon service provider and want to expand your business by hiring a few other staff, create a website for yourself. Showcase your work there. Make it an appointment booking website so that your clients can directly call you. Keeping a blog of your own is always very necessary. You will have the scope of being approached by different clients, customers and companies once your blog appears satisfactory to them. List down all the services you want to provide, display your rate chart, your available timings and your areas of work. It will help you to have a well maintained professional page that will facilitate customer interaction. It will act as your business card. 


 As mentioned earlier, Beauty Industry is an ever-blooming industry, and freelancing is in its infancy. Those willing to experiment with their careers and bring in some innovation and creativity of their own would undoubtedly find the home salon services option best. You will have to work hard in the starting to find clients. Start by using social media marketing; it’s an excellent way to attract and engage with your clients. If you can spend money to acquire clients, then also use social media advertising. You can also register yourself with various home salon service providers. Make sure to use print advertisements in your locality to attract local clients. Partnering with other salons is also an excellent way to find clients. The starting may seem to be tough, but your effort will be worth it. 

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